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General Information Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Chris Maple

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Psychic Detective. Landlord of Maple Condos

Chris is a Psychic Detective who, along with his brother Alex, were orphaned at a young age, neither one knowing their parents. While Chris looks calm most of the time, usually just make slight jokes, pranks, and usually going into a small ramble where he babbles nonsense and quotes people, he tends to go into his dark side when he's either pushed to the limit or fighting someone he really hates, usually following a Joker version of Dark Comedy and his own twisted dark side of Tragedy.

When fighting, this makes Chris unpredictable and very dangerous, only because no one knows what Chris has planned. He has also developed a psychic mind, usually being able to control the psychic aura he has in him and use it for fights.

Psychic Powers: Can create solid aura for fighting.

Character Alignment: Chaotic Good

Jekyll and Hyde: Tends to act like a normal guy, then goes into a darker personality when put under deep pressure.

Black Comedy: Has a Twisted sense of humor. Increases when his darker personality takes over.

Tragedy: When under his darker personality, he talks dark and twisted, with no emotions.

General Information Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Lisa Strife

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

A Bounty Hunter from the illustrious guild known as the Predator's Society who's creed is working to protect the universe.

Lisa was scouted by them at a young age due to baring a rare gift to bring things to life with her brush. She's currently residing in Maple Condo's awaiting orders from her guild master. Between being away from her lover and being kept in the dark about the full mission specs she feels she's being asked too much for knowing too little.

Only time will tell what's in store for her.

Action Girl

Bounty Hunter

Character Alignment: Chaotic Good

Glass Cannon: Lisa is capable of doing INSANE amounts of damage but one-to-three solid hits and she goes down like a house of cards.

Green Lantern Ring: The limits of what she can make with her artistic ability are confined only by Lisa's energy, tools and imagination.

General Information Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Daniel

Age: ?

Gender: male race: bioenhanced (BIO)

Occupation: owner of chain weapon shop known as Armageddon armory and leader of the organization the infectorum

Once a revolutionist trying to overthrow a corrupt government his town, and nearly him, was wiped out by a nuclear device. His body was taken to undergo experiments by an unknown organization. Upon release he started a gun smith shop called Armageddon armory which has since become a world renowned chain for their unique weapons. Using his vast resources obtained from his success he started the infectorum whose purpose was to aid revolutions and to make sure things never again get out of hand. Multipurpose revolver: his revolver weapons can serve as grenade launchers (fragmentation and hallucinogenic), flamethrowers, and lazer gun. Also he can eat any meat to heal. He must drink alcohol often otherwise he starts to get infections from his bio-enhancements. As a result he cannot get drunk. DARK GENIUS: A genius that tends to dislike others. lthough he is trying to open up there will be things he will react to with hostility. BOOKWORM: loves a good book ROMANTIC: treats the one he loves like gold and will protect her at all costs. Also leads him to hate womanizers. THE CAT: can be curious at times leading him off to do research on things others would just shrug off

General Information Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Rhys

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Pwca

Occupation: Urban Explorer

Rhys was raised by his Pwca mother and spent most of his youth living with the Fae. This majorly influenced his strange code of ethics and spontaneous nature. He tends to be rather unpredictable in his actions and takes very few things seriously and rarely plans beyond the moment. He is very friendly with people that he meets but rarely makes any lasting connections with them. This combined with his tendency to make people angry for kicks results in him having very few friends, though the few he does have he protects jealously and will do anything in his power to help.

His fighting style focuses largely on his ability to make connections with objects. A connection takes months of contact with the item to make, but once made he can summon the item to his hand from anywhere and command it. His primary weapons throwing knives and long chains, although he also has several bags stocked with explosives, poisons, and other supplies that he can summon as well.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: You have to dig pretty deep but it's there.

Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Along the lines of chaotic selfish.

Summon Magic

Psychic Powers

Crazy Prepared: Over 40 backpacks he can summon from anywhere filled with supplies.

Large Ham: And lovin' it.

General Information Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Jomme

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Occupation: Freelance World Saviour

He lead a fairly normal life till a couple years ago. An old sage appeared at the door and told he he was chosen to defeat a great evil. He went on an epic adventure, and met many great friends. And his nemesis. As he had been chosen, he defeated him. About a week later, the defeated evil enemy rose again, and tried to take over the world. again. So he went to his doorstep and kicked his ass. Armed with battle experience, he decided to become a freelance hero. 80% of his jobs involved defeating thaat same guy, and the other 20 involved teaming up with him. TheChosenOne: There are about 89 independant prophecies about him. All of them involve him and that same guy battling.

TheMario: He excels at nothing, but no-one can defeat him at everything

TheCombatPragmatist: He atmits that if he didn't do this all the time, he wouldn't win much fights.

DitzyGenius: his basic personality.

PsychicPowers: He can cause and uphold a psychic wave that stuns any sentient creature in 30 yards, him being the only moving thing. Prolonged exposure causes headaches in everyone involved, so he doesn't use it outside of dangerous battles.

General Information Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Aqua the Hedgehog

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Race: Hedgehog

Occupation: Nerd

just your average talking hedgehog, Aqua leads the life of the average human. not much happened in his life that he considers interesting. the only thing he remembers that is interesting in his opinion is the fact that when he was six, some assassins had killed his parents, and a third one, trying to kill him with a sword, screwed up and knocked Aqua out, along with all of his memories beyond watching his parents die. has gone to many high schools. physically weak. Sarcasm Mode: this is a constant here.

Forgot I Could Fly very forgetful



General Information Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Rheya Arcanas

Species & Race: Lauraen (species), Kadera Pride (nationality), Arcanas house (family), Herritor (title)

Age: 27 (or 5292, depending on how you look at it)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Former Imperial Guard Captain (fired)

-Rheya is a protector by both nature and trade and would put her life on the line for the sake of another. that said, when intoxicated she can be borderline homicidal if you anger her.
-Partly due to her upbringing, and partly due to what she is, Rheya can act a bit spoiled.
-Rheya was in law enforcement and is still getting used to being on the wrong side of said laws thanks to her exile.
-Rheya is fascinated by creatures with unusual physiology.
-Rheya's current incarnation is mildly hydrophobic. think typical house cat reaction to water, only not as severe.
-Rheya only follows rules as long as they're convenient, which has gotten her into trouble at work more than once, and recently got her exiled from her Homeworld.
-Rheya was very proud of her station as a guard captain, and her recent loss of that post has her somewhat depressed.

-the Lauraen Empire is a semi-feudal hierarchy of prides. This is the kind of society Rheya considers normal.
-Rheya is from an alternate earth where her species are the dominant Terran life form.
-The means by which Rheya created her living sword Alhira, was to animate it using a fragment of her soul. This is also what got her exiled, albeit over 5000 years after the fact.
-The Lauraen people evolved from humans, as a result, most Lauraen refer to them as 'ancients'.
-When off duty she'll be seen in the robes depicted in her sprite sheet, if she somehow winds up in an occupation in law enforcement again, she may don her old armor again.
-her Home world is stalled at an 'iron age' level of pre-industrial technology, which has plateaued out and stopped advancing due to magic being more efficient than the technologies that would lead to industrialization.

other details:
-Rheya only has 350 Lauraen Sovereigns on her for currency at the start (enough to get her one month's food and lodging back home). They're kind of like rupees from a LoZ game; different colored octagon cut sapphires just over 3cm wide, and a quarter centimeter thick.
-Rheya is a magic user who specializes in making things appear and disappear, and to a lesser degree other kinds of illusions.
-Due to a different bone structure her people are more flexible than humans, and Rheya can run on all four like a wild cat.

Character Alignment: Neutral Good

Good Is Not Nice: despite being a genuinely good person with solid morals, she's also the daughter of a clan leader, and a Herritor, and can sometimes be a spoiled princess as a result of her upbringing.

Blue Blood: again, daughter of a clan leader. the fact that other worlds can function without a hierarcical structure confuses the hell out of her.

Drunk Personality Change: Rheya is most definately a mean drunk. fighting tooth and claw (literaly) over minor provocations.

Apologetic Attacker & Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Rheya does not like to fight, she will often apologise for instigating or being drawn into combat, never taunts or banters durring combat, and out of respect for her oponent, will always say a prayer for the dead in native Lauraen before delivering the final blow.

The Exile: the whole reason she moved here.

Cats Hate Water: Rheya is hydrophobic.

Really 700 Years Old: Rheya counts her past lives as part of her current lifetime, effectively making her 5292.

General Information
Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name: Chas the Cat

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Bounty hunter, bar tender and part time mouser

Chas grew up wanting more in life. At a young age he became a bounty hunter to start a life of adventure. He spent many years learning to fight with many swords, talk in numerous languages, and became as human as he could. At age 16 he made an outfit based on what his childhood hero wore and added some of his own flare to it.

His fighting style is mostly made of swashbuckling moves and cat like tactics. Having been trained with different types of swords he can switch blades at any time without needing to get adjusted to it in battle.
Character Alignment: Chaotic good/neutral
Multilingual: Chas has learned many languages through the course of his adventures, some of which he doesn't remember even learning.
Tom & Jerry effect: No matter how hard he tries, Chas seems to have trouble when hired for a mousing job. It usually ends with the establishment that hired him on fire and with him getting the boot.
Happy drunk: No matter how much he drinks, Chas can't get drunk.
Blade man: Chas only uses swords as he doesn't trust guns.
One toe in the grave: Chas is on his third and a half life out of nine due to a rivalry with a black cat.
Almost human: Slips into cat habits from time to time.
Charming: Although he's not a womanizer, he does get some attention from the opposite gender.
Picture General Information
Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name:Wolf or Jeffrey



Occupation:Soul Keeper

He is a 13 year old with such a powerful imagination,he created his own universe and world and he had grown a wolf tail and ears and fangs, he also could sprout angel wings whenever he wanted too, this is just his appearence, he was a kingdom hearts fan so he made his own keyblade called the soul keeper, and he has the powers of a soul keeper, his job is to trap all evil souls in his blade. He also has the powers of 12 warriors no as Keshian Warriors, the 12 powers are: Fire,Water,Air,Earth,Lightning,Animals,Nature,Phsycic,Light,Dark,Love,Chaos. He travels into different worlds looking for evil souls to trap so the universe can be safer, we is really kiddish, he loves other wolves, he also has a weakness, he is half human, so if he takes damage, its gonna hurt a lot. 12 Souls Power: He can Use Fire,Water,Earth,Air,Lightning,Animals,Nature,Phsycic,Love,Chaos,Dark,Light powers.
Fly Ability: He can sprout Wings
Summons: He can summon 2 wolfs, Hope and Fang, 1 is super Positive(Hope) The other, negatice (Fang) they are brothers
Self Defense: If he is killed, well, about to die, his body turns to a really hard to break stone that lasts 24 hours, this heals his body and protects him, but if something DOES break the stone, hes dead :p
General Information
Bio Tropes Associated With the Character
Name:Copa F. Hinote

Age:looks 20, Real Age Unknown


Race: Hedgehog-Android

Occupation: Classified

Basically, Copa was sent to Earth after the incident on the ark where gun came to shut it down, along with Shadow. Copa became all dark and cold after seeing how life was on earth, but helped Shadow recall his memories and stopped the Black Arms from invading. Copa still searches for answers of his own past, meeting people along the way, sometimes casting them aside, sometime befriending them. Character Alignment: Sometimes Good/Sometimes Evil


-Flight: Able to Travel up to Mach 9, sometimes the speed of light

-Psychic Powers: able to move any object, person, thing, with his mind without even moving his hands

-Shapeshifting: can transform himself into basically anything

-Time: can control time and go through time

-Chaos: able to use chaos control, chaos blast, and chaos blast in beam form(chaos torrent)


DarkSpine(level 1 and 2): harnessed from all the evil and hate Copa suppresses, this form can calculate moves 5 to 10 times ahead of his opponent

Ultimate: Harnessed from the good Copa does,but this form is still unstable to be processed further...